Giving Shopportunities

Did you know you can support your church while shopping and dining? Or selling things on EBay?
Here are some of the things you can do!


  • Do you shop on Amazon? Then the next time you do, start by clicking on this Amazon link first.
  • Or go to instead, and select St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Saratoga, CA as your charity.  Then every time you use the smile site instead of the regular Amazon site, you make a donation to the church with every purchase!


  • If you sell things on EBay you can elect to donate a small percentage or all of your EBay sales income to the church. Just click on this link to get started, and add St. Nicholas as your favorite charity:

    • See items that others are selling to benefit our church
    • Sell your own item(s) and donate between 10% and 100%.
    • Make a cash donation to St. Nicholas.