Pledge Form

If you are a regular attendee at St. Nicholas, or a financial supporter (or would like to become one), consider becoming a member. The attached pledge form explains how.  Becoming a pledging member helps the church even more than just donating because pledges help us to budget our expenses and know where we can grow!

Please download the membership declaration form, fill it out and email it to the church.  The form must be submitted by January 28th, 2023 if you wish to vote in the Annual Meeting on January 29st, 2023.

UPDATE: Please send all filled-out forms to this email address:


  1. Download this form and fill it out on your computer or tablet: 2023 Fillable membership declaration
  2. Save the file with a new name after filling it out, e.g. 2023_Smith_Family_Membership.pdf
  3. Email the newly saved file as an attachment to the address above.

By becoming a member, you also get access to our interactive Members site (In Development).