Save the Date – Fundraiser Saturday, Nov. 11th, 9AM – 2PM

Get Ready. Here It Comes!

St Nicholas Orthodox Church in Saratoga, is going to have a "Fill That Goodwill Truck!!" event on Saturday, Nov. 11th from 9:00am - 2:00pm. We are going to try to fill a Goodwill Semi-trailer with donated items. You may have seen Goodwill's trailers around town accepting donations. Well, we are going to have one at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church! If we can "Fill That Truck" we will receive up to $900. So please look around your house and see if you have any items you can donate. A list of acceptable items and ones NOT acceptable is listed on the Goodwill webpage (link below), along with other information. Try to put your items in boxes, so we can Stack 'em High and "Fill That Truck"!

Please pass the word to your friends and neighbors. Every little bit helps.

Click here to download a flyer


  1. Space: If possible, keep your items at your home until Saturday, Nov. 11th. There is limited space at St. Nicholas in the hall. Please pack your items in boxes, so we can Stack 'em High and Fill That Truck!
  2. Taxes: If you can itemize charitable donations on your income tax return form 1040 (it's harder these days), just ask the Goodwill attendant to give you a receipt (St. Nicholas will not have any).
  3. What to donate: Since the amount of funds we receive is determined by weight, please concentrate on heavy things: books, shoes and boots, clothes, belts, dishes (Mark the box Fragile), etc. No furniture will be accepted, but small appliances are ok. E-Waste is also accepted. See below. (Please label the box(es) well as 'E-Waste'.)
  4. Condition: Only donate things you would consider buying. No dirty, stained, cracked, or non-functional things (E-Waste is ok). Goodwill no longer fixes anything, so no broken appliances. Shoes & boots should be in good condition, no worn down heels. Please clean them before donating.
  5. E-Waste: They also accept E-Waste: computer printers, monitors, hard drives, keyboards, VCRs, audio equipment, etc. Please mark the outside of the box, clearly on three or four sides, so there's no confusion. (We don't want anyone to accidentally buy a broken VCR.)
  6. Parking: As you know we have limited parking at St. Nicholas. Please be patient and extra careful when parking and leaving. We don't want any of our friends and neighbors to get a ding in their fender.

Above is a flyer to pass around. Goodwill has a FAQ webpage with more information, and farther down on the page, is a list of which items can be donated:

If you'd like to help the day of the event,
please contact: Elizabeth Pilipenko:

Thank you ahead of time for your donations!
Elizabeth Pilipenko (408) 972-7999 for
St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
14220 Elva Ave.
Saratoga, CA 95070

Don't Forget November 11th.
Let's - Fill That Truck!!!