June, 2023

The miracle of Pentecost continues today!

The Holy Spirit has descended! From Heaven to Earth!

We hear, in the reading for Pentecost from Acts chapter 2, about how the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles, and they began to preach in languages they did not already know. There is a great deal of confusion about what speaking in tongues is in our time, especially among heterodox churches. Some contemporary saints warn us to avoid counterfeits of spiritual gifts that can cause spiritual harm. Discernment is necessary!

Here is a modern account of "speaking in tongues" that happened in our time, which is the real thing.

I heard about this from other sources. I don’t know who the author of this particular account is:

The former atheist Frenchwoman and Saint Porphyrios.

A French historian, atheist and nihilist visited Elder Porphyrios at his Hermitage in Milesi, Attica. She did not expect, being a University Professor to learn anything great from a 2nd Grade graduate, but for the sake of her friends she agreed to go.

The Elder asked the two of them to talk without the presence of others or an interpreter, which caused the question of her friends who knew that the Frenchwoman did not speak Greek at all, nor did the Elder speak French.

The theological and existential discussion finally took place with the two of them alone, for quite some time.

The door opened and the atheist woman came out in tears, tears of repentance. When her friends asked her how she got along with the Elder, she replied:

"But he speaks fluent French."

The same happened with a German Doctor, with a Serb, with a Romanian, with an Irishman.

When his spiritual children asked him how he knew foreign languages ​​while he was never taught them, he replied:

"I speak to them in Greek and the Holy Spirit interprets them in their minds and hearts"

This is the New Language of the Holy Spirit that Christ promised to His Disciples, the language of Paradise which was confused by pride in the Tower of Babel and from Pentecost returned by the Holy Spirit through the Church to All Saints of times.

With Saint Paisios too we have many such examples and with Russian Saints too.

The Holy Spirit, the Heavenly Fire with which the Fire of the Altar once lit on the Day of Pentecost is always in the Church and has been burning for twenty centuries now. It was never erased by human weaknesses and mistakes.

"And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever ".

Every other "new fire of spirit" which is advertised nowadays with characteristic conceit and arrogance as being authentic, genuine and unique on earth by heretics is foreign "Alien Fire and not Divine".

In the photo is the atheist French historian, Nun Magdalene in the Sinai desert, where she practiced asceticism afterwards, alone for 18 years in very difficult conditions, having renounced wealth, career, fame and useless philosophies of life.


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